Webinar Series: The River Runners | Daryl Learn

Date(s) - 16/05/2024
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


When it comes to daredevils and Niagara, we can imagine the barrels riding over the falls or the tightrope walkers high above the river, but the temptation of the daring extends beyond the falls themselves. The River Runners gives just a small example of some of the brave, bold, and sometimes careless who dared the Niagara River.  From running a side-paddle steamer through the rapids, swimming the whirlpool, rushing the rapids in rowboat, to a jack of all trades, the acts of these daredevils dramatically changed their lives, or ended them.

Our Presenter: Daryl Learn was born and raised in Fort Erie, spending his childhood living near Lake Erie and the Niagara River and exploring the area.  Coming from, as one family member put it, “a long line of talented liars”, Daryl learned the art of the story from family who retold stories from memory and history at every chance they had.  Daryl studied at Brock University for Political Sciences with a minor in Great Books/Liberal Studies as well as at Niagara College for Tourism Management.  Daryl worked for the Niagara Parks Commission in their Heritage department for 14 years, rising from a student interpreter at Old Fort Erie to a Heritage manager at Table Rock house.  Currently, Daryl’s primary work is being a stay-at-home-parent but he does speaking engagements, ranging from lectures to public historical narrations, as a passion project.

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