Antique Scrapbook

This book passed through the hands of Florence Dalrymple and Elizabeth Johnston.  This summary was prepared by Robert Dalrymple.

The book into which these newspaper clippings are glued appears to be a ledger from a store of some kind.  Pages 6, 26, 41, 42, and 57 are dated 1849.  On pages 4, 29, and 35 it is possible to see the date 1850.  Given that there is a strong bias in the notices and articles to people and events connected to Winger and larger Wainfleet area, it is tempting to suggest that the original ledger came from the general store in Winger.

The Antique Scrapbook Index is a complete listing of the files and what they contain. Please click on the following link to open the index in a new tab. – Antique Scrapbook Index